• Food and Beverage Products, Food Processing Technologies Fair
  • 2-5 September 2020
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CNR Expo - İstanbul Airport transport service

From Istanbul Airport to CNR EXPO  Our guests who would like to use transportation service should not leave the building and wait by the “Meeting Point 3 - Buluşma Noktası 3” designated with a yellow sign. Staff will arrive close to the departure time and guide our guests to the transport cars. Our guests should wait by the “Meeting Point 3 - Buluşma Noktası 3” signs before 15 minutes of transport. 
From CNR EXPO to Istanbul Airport
Our transport cars for the *CNR - Istanbul Airport route will be taking off from the main entrance door between “Hall 2” and “Hall 5”. We kindly request our guests to wait by the *2-5 Ana Giriş Kapısı – Main Entrance Door* 15 minutes prior to departure.
Terminal Operations Manager
Phone: +90 536 820 68 84