• Food and Beverage Products, Food Processing Technologies Fair
  • 25-28 November 2020
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Praise for CNR Food Istanbul from the leading brands of the industry

CNR Food Istanbul Exhibition, held at CNR Expo to increase the commercial capacity of the Turkish food industry and create a coalition, is vigorously getting ready for the 25th of November


The food industry shows a great interest in the exhibition where a wide range of products and services will be exhibited. All the exhibitors including the most prominent companies of the industry Doğruluk Kollektif, Reis Gıda, and Fora Zeytin have completed their preparations for CNR Food Istanbul.


Doğruluk, Natural Cheesemaking Company


Selim Küçük, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Doğruluk Kollektif Company, one of the most important exhibitors of CNR Food Istanbul Exhibition, said, "As Doğruluk Kollektif Company, we have been producing milk and dairy products since 1969 with great care and determination. Our highest goal has always been to sustain natural cheesemaking.


We produce natural sheep, goat, and cow cheeses of the Çanakkale Ezine region using only fresh milk, salt, and omasum yeast. We will offer a variety of our cheese to the liking of visitors from different cultures with varying palate at CNR Food Istanbul Exhibition.

“We will find the opportunity to establish new domestic and international partnerships as well as strengthen our existing business relations."


Participating in CNR Food Istanbul is a privilege


Indicating that CNR Food Istanbul created new domestic and international cooperation opportunities, Reis Gıda Board Member Işılay Reis Yorgun continued his words emphasizing that they will strengthen existing cooperations in the exhibition. Işılay Reis Yorgun added, “We believe that with innovative approaches a more effective visitor profile awaits us this year as it does every year.

Since 1981, as Reis Gıda, we continue our way by expanding our presence in the global market and carrying flavors of Anatolia beyond the country borders. Therefore, we join CNR Food Istanbul, which is set to become the world's most significant trade fair in the food industry, to bring our innovative products to all the collaborators of the industry. We also think that participation in this exhibition is a privilege."


We are enthusiastically waiting for CNR Food Istanbul


General Manager of Fora Zeytin, Efe Yazıcı, who has expressed that CNR Food Istanbul Exhibition created an excellent opportunity for companies by bringing the food industry together, will once again take part in the exhibition this year to present their products to the liking of international buyers. Yazıcı said, "We joined CNR Food Istanbul Exhibition last year, where professional buyers from 85 countries had participated. We think this is a unique exhibition taking the pulse of the industry and offering numerous opportunities.


We are enthusiastically waiting for CNR Food Istanbul because the exhibition brings together the producers with domestic and international customers and procurement delegations, giving them the opportunity to establish new cooperations as well as strengthen existing ones.”


A record number of domestic and foreign visitors are expected at CNR Food Istanbul Exhibition organized by CNR Holding company, Istanbul Trade Fairs in collaboration with ETÜDER, and TGDF. The exhibition will unite the most important representatives of food, non-household consumables, and packaging industries under one roof at CNR Expo between 25-28 November 2020