• CNR Food Istanbul - Food, Beverage Exhibition
  • 4-7 September 2024
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Lively days of the food industry in the post-pandemic era

Taking part in one of the world’s largest gatherings on the food industry, CNR Food Istanbul, as the special guest, President of WACS (World Association of Chefs Societies), Thomas A.Gugler, underlined the upcoming developments in the food industry after the pandemic era. Gugler stated that COVID-19 created fear and uncertainties and added “the entire dining processes will change and require food safety regulations to be adjusted.”
Expressing that the period would make people more health conscious and attentive, Thomas A. Gugler stated there would be big changes, particularly in food, upon the new normalization period. He noted many people suffer from diseases that are man-made, improper feeding, and eating, and added, “the period should be coached and counseled well, to be supportive for the need of individuals and to see all with a more critical eye.”
Thomas A. Gugler to explain global culinary standards
The surprise name of CNR Food Istanbul, welcoming more than 2.000 brands from 20 countries, will be the master of masters, renowned chef Thomas A. Gugler. Representing more than 12 million chefs from 107 countries at every level as the President of WACS (World Association of Chefs Societies), Gugler will deliver a presentation named “Global Trends and Sustainability”, where he will share his career journey in the culinary profession as well as key information on retaining and developing global culinary standards.