• Food and Beverage Products, Food Processing Technologies Fair
  • 1-4 September 2021
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CNR Food Istanbul Welcomes Meat Expert Sidar Budak

CNR Food Istanbul, uniting the world of food at CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center on November 25, will be organized as the biggest organization of the Turkish food industry. The exhibition, to make major contributions to the development of the industry’s global trading, will welcome numerous colorful events and names including the world-renowned chef, Sidar Budak.


Born as the middle child of a family from Kars (a province from Eastern Anatolia, Turkey), Sidar Budak graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Yıldız Teknik University; however, never performed his job. Having been interested in animal husbandry, his father’s job, since childhood, Budak took on managing his father’s breeding farm for cattle at the age of 17.


When he turned twenty, he had already examined the animal anatomy from head to toe and improved himself in agriculture and animal husbandry such that he did sheepherding to get to know cattle breeds better in many countries and even attempted to learn about the angus breed in Argentina.


Having been considered as one of the world’s most prominent chefs recently, Sidar Budak set his route to Miami following Argentina and received culinary training at Culinary Institute. Therefore, Chef Budak got invaluable experiences on cooking techniques at the most famous steak restaurants in the USA.


Chef Sidar Budak, blending his experience on animal husbandry and agriculture with advanced culinary training, opened its first restaurant in Turkey, locating in Suadiye in 2010. Owning restaurants in numerous countries, Sidar Budak has farms in Kars and Gebze, Turkey.