• Food and Beverage Products, Food Processing Technologies Festival
  • 31 August-3 September 2022
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"CNR Food İstanbul set the bar very high”

CNR Holding CEO Ceyda Erem said, “There’s a global economic distress because of the fluctuations in foreign currency rates. We can only prosper if we unite as a nation.”


“We set the bar very high at CNR Food İstanbul. The exhibition received great attention from international visitors.”


A great number of exhibitors received orders fulfilling their annual production capacity at CNR Food İstanbul on the first day.


As per the statement for CNR Food İstanbul, the exhibition which is organized with the aim of becoming the largest food fair of the world broke the record for foreign buyers in the first two days.


CNR Food Istanbul is organized to increase the export rates of the food, packaging, and food service products industries. The majority of the exhibitors received orders fulfilling their annual production capacity on the first day of the exhibition.


In her written statement, Erem expressed that the exhibitions are organized with the motto “more exports” and that the exhibitions held in 2018 were extremely fruitful.



Erem said there’s a 46% increase in the foreign buyer numbers, adding, “This is an incredible increase for the food industry export rates.” She also explained, “Usually people buy fewer tickets online compared to the tickets sold at the doors. However, last year 15% of the visitors of CNR Food İstanbul bought their tickets online. We achieved this number as a result of the hard work of our social media and digital marketing departments. By successfully implementing technology in our work the numbers multiplied fivefold and reached 66% this year.”


Erem expressed that foreign buyers and buying committees played a big part in the success of the exhibiting companies who made hot sales and established new business connections at CNR Food İstanbul.


Erem said that as a nation we need to unite to prosper in a time when the fluctuations in foreign currency rates have caused a global economic distress, adding that CNR Holding endeavors as a family of 850 employees to ensure the prosperity of Turkey.