• Food and Beverage Products, Food Processing Technologies Fair
  • 31 August-3 September 2022
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From field to fork, the whole process will be at CNR Food İstanbul

In the food industry, the trust throughout the value chain is expressed with the phrase, “from field to fork”.
The relation between food and health is indisputable. If the food you eat isn’t healthy, you can’t have a healthy life.
In this day and age, the importance of food safety increases. All the innovations and variety in the food industry will be shared with the visitors at CNR Food Istanbul, displaying the whole process.
The exhibition will create a platform where the competitive power of the food industry will increase in the international market with innovative, reliable, high-quality solutions which will add value to products.
Food İstanbul will combine the experienced team of CNR Holding with the power of international network, offering visitors the opportunity to witness the process of the food industry.