• Food and Beverage Products, Food Processing Technologies Festival
  • 31 August-3 September 2022
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Food waste will be the matter of discussion at CNR Food Istanbul

The annual amount of food thrown and wasted including the agricultural losses is 1.6 billion tonnes globally while this amount has exceeded 15 million tonnes in Turkey. Our country wastes food nearly as much as the annual agriculture export rate. According to the report released by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), food of around 1 trillion dollars is lost every year just before reaching consumers. The researches show that if we can prevent only 1/4 of the food loss and waste occurring worldwide, there will not be anybody left suffering from hunger in the world.  
İSTİB (Istanbul Commodity Exchange) Vice President, Hakkı İsmet Aral will explain the measures to be taken in order to prevent food waste occurring from field to fork at CNR Food Istanbul. 
Mr. Aral will introduce the “Food Waste Project” by İSTİB, which reduces the waste of food and aims zero waste, and create awareness by positioning sustainability in the spotlight of the business world locally and globally.  
The project, carried out by İSTİB Food Waste Committee and initiated with the slogan “Prevent Food Waste”, aims to reduce food waste, deliver food to the needy without causing any waste, raise the awareness of our people, and enable the economy to regain food within sustainability. 
Making a name for itself with not only its trade volume but also seminars to be held, CNR Food Istanbul will be organized at the center of global trade, CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center