• Food and Beverage Products, Food Processing Technologies Festival
  • 31 August-3 September 2022
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“CNR Food Istanbul is a great opportunity to promote the exhibitors’ products”

The greatest international power of the Turkish food industry, CNR Food Istanbul, gets underway on September 1. Followed by the global food industry with kind interest, the exhibition presents all the novelties on food and grabs the most attention with national pavilions, including the participation of Czechia.

Head of CzechTrade Office Istanbul Vladislav Polach, who has participated in CNR Food Istanbul with the national pavilion for three years, answered our questions about the exhibition.

Could you please mention the targets of the companies operating in the food industry in your country for 2021 and the following years?
CNR Food Istanbul helps Czech companies to enter the local market. As a visible result, several of our exhibitors have already signed contracts with local as well as foreign partners. We hope to make the new collaborations with CNR Food Istanbul visitors.


Where are your companies positioned in the global food market? What are the target markets of the companies operating in the food industry in the new period?
Most of the products are exported to Russia, Middle East, Turkey, and other countries. We would like to find new potential customers from other countries.

Could you please share your opinions about CNR Food Istanbul, closely followed by the global food industry? What does CNR Food Istanbul mean to you?
The Czech Republic has exhibited at CNR Food Istanbul for already three consecutive years. Last year, the fairground was even visited by our Prime Minister. As I mentioned, these steps underline the fact that the Czech companies see the Turkish market with more than 80 million consumers as perspective. CNR Food Istanbul helps them to enter the local and foreign markets.

How do you think CNR Food Istanbul contributes to your companies?
CNR Food Istanbul is a great opportunity to promote the exhibitors’ products. The Czech companies can find many potential customers from their sectors to participate in this fair. We are very glad to exhibit at this fair every year.